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Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life — because you’re doing so much more than simply buying a house. You’re selecting the teachers who will mentor your children into adulthood, the neighbors with whom you will form a community, your new hometown. What you’re really doing when you buy a home is essentially setting the stage upon which you will live your life.

Shouldn’t the people guiding you through that important process be experts?

WJS Realty Group is the authority on real estate in The Woodlands and surrounding areas, particularly in Carlton Woods and Carlton Woods Creekside, two of The Woodlands’ most prestigious custom neighborhoods. Going far beyond Realtors currently active in the area, principals with WJS Realty Group have been there since the beginning — they were the developer’s exclusive representatives during the growth of Carlton Woods and Carlton Woods Creekside, providing valuable insights as to how the country club communities should be developed and responsible for home sales of nearly half a billion dollars. WJS Realty Group now brings that expertise to the general brokerage environment, sharing their intimate knowledge of the builders, the homes and the area in general with clients to help them find the perfect home or sell their existing homes quickly.